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Dear Exordium Gaming or International Army friends,

As International Army's we recently attempted to find ways to expand our community over multiple games. Unfortunately, most efforts did not work out as they were planned. Jeetz came along an existing community on Arma 3 named Exordium Gaming and found out that we could benefit from each other. The Exordium Gaming server is well populated and is run by active admins. However, what they lacked is a decent community structure and website. As International Army we see an opportunity to continue as an active community. Hence, we can benefit from each other. However it will imply some changes for the both of us.

2517 | Guevara | 12/05/2016 | (1)
ET Reborn LAN - Enschede - 17/18/19 april 2015

Wolfenstein Enemy Territory; a game that exists over 12 years and played by millions of players all over the world. A game that has been pronounced dead for over 5 years is still alive today. Every player is conscious about ET’s current state, yet at the LAN there was no sign of decline. The LAN was the place of rebirth the that weekend, and was the birthplace of many new friendships. Players who have been playing along each other’s sides for a decade finally met in gaming cafĂ© Wzzrd in Enschede. Many great names of ET’s rich history were present, including a couple of International Army heroes. 

2106 | Guevara | 29/04/2015 | (6)